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Past Projects

Early Childhood Education

Experts have concluded that early childhood education, from birth to three years old, changes life outcomes dramatically. Language turns out to be one critical factor – just helping infants and toddlers create the brain cells needed to process language is key to their development. AdkAction was part of a regional effort to investigate the quality and availability of early childhood education programs and our work helped lay the foundation for Adirondack Foundation's Birth to Three (BT3) Alliance. 

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Shoreline Erosion

The shoreline is a crucial habitat for many aquatic or semi-aquatic species. Fish enjoy the warm shallow waters, and plants that are rooted in this shallow water provide much-needed shelter for these creatures. Shorelines are home to amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals and aquatic plants that attract macro-invertebrates. Many organisms lay their eggs along the shoreline.  When recreating or building along the shoreline, take into consideration that it is an area to be shared by all—including wildlife. Erosion can have detrimental effects on many organisms, but by being vigilant, those effects can be mitigated or reversed.

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Fighting Invasives

Fighting Invasive Species

Invasive water milfoil forms thick underwater stands of tangled stems and vast mats at the surface, making boating, swimming, and fishing difficult or impossible. Plants spread by small fragments that "hitchhike" on watercraft and are then introduced to new waters. Once a water body is infested, controlling these aggressive invaders is very difficult and expensive.

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